#HeavenlySummer and Weekly Contests on Instagram

Lo-Fi, Sutro, and Hefe. Filters, hashtags, and followers. If these words ring a bell, you might be what some call an IGer, an Instagram aficionado. At Heavenly, we have a limitless pool of subjects to capture and share through single photo updates. Powder days, scenic mountain views, Lake Tahoe and much, much more.

This summer we’re going to dive a little deeper into some of our favorite summer subjects. And we need your help. Every Monday we’ll announce a new topic and hashtag and we want to see your views. We’ll pick a new winner every week and share their photo on our channel. So have fun with it, be creative, and show us something we’ve never seen before.

If you have something you’d love for us to see but it doesn’t fit the topic of the week, tag it with #HeavenlySummer. We’re always looking for ways to share the beauty of this place we call home.

To get you inspired here are some of our favorite shots:

1.16.13 - @cj_nichs

1.22.13 - @elhawko

2.03.13 - @wesnobles

2.07.13 - @mar719

2.11.13 - @cballouski

3.10.13 - @ali_sv

3.14.13 - @elhawko

3.29.13 - Dave-Carr


And to kick us off, the first topic of the summer is #HeavenlySunsets. Always a fan favorite, Lake Tahoe is arguably one of the best places to capture a sunset. Orangey, pink skies are framed with silhouetted Sierras and reflections on the glassy lake.


Good luck and be sure to follow @SkiHeavenly on Instagram!

~ Rachel Roberts



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