Backyard Games and the Casual Pentathlon

In Tahoe, we’re active, outdoorsy people. We pretty much spend every moment possible outside, enjoying Mother Nature. So with warmer weather and sunny skies, we think May is the perfect time of year to invite your friends over, barbecue, and host a casual pentathlon.

What is a casual pentathlon you ask? Well, it happens to be a tribute to leisure sports. A casual competition among friends involving games and activities that lend themselves to backyard shenanigans.

So, here is how you host your very own casual pentathlon:

1) Invite enough friends over so that you have at least four groups of two people (but more than that works fine).

2) Create a bracket or leaderboard that looks something like this:

Casual Pentathlon

3) If your budget allows, create custom t-shirts for each participant to remember the day by and gold/silver/bronze medals for the winners. There are a lot of custom t-shirt sites out there, like Custom Ink, that allow you to upload your own design. For medals try Awards for Anything.

4) Gather up all the stuff you will need for five backyard games. For the purposes of these directions, we recommend the following games:
a. Horseshoes 
b. Bocce Ball
c. Cornhole
d. Ladder Golf
e. Ring Master

5) Provide plenty of refreshments and ask each competitor to bring their favorite appetizer or snack.

6) Randomly draw names to assign teams and have each team come up with their own team name

7) Use the following instructions for your “Official Rules” and let the games begin!

Bocce Games

8) Afterward, grill up your favorite meal, award the medals, and rehash who was the best leisure sport “athlete” over cocktails and cervezas

I based the rules on our favorite backyard games, but there are so many more and the rules can easily be adapted. What leisure sports you play in your backyard?

~ Kelly Campbell



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