Heavenly Mountain Trivia – Answers

Heavenly History

Alright, it’s time to check your answers! If you haven’t taken yesterday’s quiz yet, cover up the lower half of your screen and jot down your answers.


Q 1: T/F Stein Erikson was the first ski school director at Heavenly
Q 2: Name the star of “The Godfather” actor that skier Heavenly in 1968?
Q 3: Name the well known actor and movie director that was a regular during the John Denver Celebrity Ski Classic.
Q 4: Name the Yugoslavian immigrant who founded Heavenly in 1955.
Q 5: What was the name of the popular winter celebration that showcased beautiful models wearing swimsuits during the early years at Heavenly?
Q 6: What owner was responsible for naming the ski runs on the Nevada side after constellations?
Q 7: What was the name of Heavenly’s first alpine ski racing club?
Q 8: Name the famous three time gold medal Olympian that raced in the 1968 World Cup Finals at Heavenly.
Q 9: T/F During Heavenly’s early years, peanuts were sold at the top of Gunbarrel Chair to feed local chipmunks.
Q 10: Bob Wood and his wife were part owners in Heavenly during the early 1960’s. Name the beginner run off the Aerial Tramway that was named after Bob’s wife.


A 1: False, Lutz Aynedter was hired in 1955-56 as the first ski school director before handing the reins over to Stein Erikson in 1956.
A 2: Marlon Brando. Brando had only skied once before and made the mistake of jumping on the chairlift that went up the face.
A 3: Clint Eastwood. The ski classic was very popular with spectators and millions of television viewers across the country. The event promoted the sport of skiing as well as Denver’s favorite charities.
A 4: Chris Kuraisa. In 1953, Chris and Dorothy Kuraisa moved to South Lake Tahoe to pursue a dream of opening up a sporting goods store.
A 5: The Miss Snow Fun contest. Photos of the Miss Snow Fun contest ran in newspapers worldwide and were featured on billboards throughout Europe.
A 6: Hugh Killebrew. During the summer before opening up the Nevada side at Heavenly, Hugh Killebrew and his son Bill would camp near East Peak Lake and talk about the different constellations.
A 7: Blue Angels. The Blue Angels had the very first on-mountain lake view dining and sun deck at the Blue Angel’s Snack Haus. All the proceeds went to supporting young racers.
A 8: Jean-Claude Killy. Killy won three gold medals in the slalom, giant slalom and downhill race during the 1968 Winter Olympic Games at Grenoble, France.
A 9: True. Enough bags of peanuts were sold to pay for the resort’s summer operations.
A 10: Patsy’s. Patsy Wood used to joke, “They named the run after me because it was short, wide and easy.”


~ Rachel Roberts



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