Heavenly Mountain Trivia and Fun Facts

Heavenly History

Founded in 1955, Heavenly has a rich history of record-breaking feats, celebrities and good vibes. Test your Heavenly IQ with a few trivia questions below. Leave your answers in the comments or check back tomorrow for the correct answers. Good luck!

Q 1: T/F Stein Erikson was the first ski school director at Heavenly
Q 2: Name the star of “The Godfather” actor that skier Heavenly in 1968?
Q 3: Name the well known actor and movie director that was a regular during the John Denver Celebrity Ski Classic.
Q 4: Name the Yugoslavian immigrant who founded Heavenly in 1955.
Q 5: What was the name of the popular winter celebration that showcased beautiful models wearing swimsuits during the early years at Heavenly?
Q 6: What owner was responsible for naming the ski runs on the Nevada side after constellations?
Q 7: What was the name of Heavenly’s first alpine ski racing club?
Q 8: Name the famous three time gold medal Olympian that raced in the 1968 World Cup Finals at Heavenly.
Q 9: T/F During Heavenly’s early years, peanuts were sold at the top of Gunbarrel Chair to feed local chipmunks.
Q 10: Bob Wood and his wife were part owners in Heavenly during the early 1960’s. Name the beginner run off the Aerial Tramway that was named after Bob’s wife.

~ Rachel Roberts



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