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Favorite Moment Giveaway


We’ve had a great season this year and hope you did too! I have so many favorite moments from the season, it’s been fun this week to think back on them all this week.

* December was HUGE! With 150 inches it was our biggest December on record in terms of snowfall and I absolutely took advantage every powder day day I could.

* Unbuckle Apres party at Tamarack Lodge was bigger and better than ever before. The Heavenly Angels brought the house down and I definitely enjoyed a half-price drink or two.

* With Heavenly Holidays, U.S. Freestyle National Championships, and High Roller Hold ‘Em, we had more fireworks shows than ever before.

What has been your favorite moment of the Winter 2012-13 season? Tell us for a chance at a Heavenly SWAG bag! Send your moment to HeavenlySocialMedia@gmail.com with the subject line “Favorite Moment” and we will pick the winners on Wednesday, April 24.

Thanks for a great season and we’ll see you next season!

~ Rachel Roberts

12 Responses to “Favorite Moment Giveaway”

  1. D'Arcy Mellish Ellisen Says:

    Not that this counts toward being eligible to win, but my son breaking his wrist on April 6th taking a jump on the 1st run of the day was NOT my favorite moment! :) Screws and pins to put him back together, but he had a great season before that and enjoyed his time working there as well!

  2. Marilyn Tansey Says:

    Our first spring break at heavenly just two weeks ago!! Beautiful views, amazing weather, fantastic skiing, and time spent with extended family. Super instructors for kids and adults! Can’t wait to go back :).

  3. rico Says:

    I agree with Rachel, Dec. was huge! More deep days in that month than all of 11-12. But even with no snow in Jan and Feb, i just never got tired of doing lapse in M. Way Bowl. Snow stayed delicious all season.

    Pray for Peace

  4. Jessica "Nagle" Marlett Says:

    My favorite Heavenly Moment was when my fiancé re-proposed to me on the mountain top for everyone to see. This time next year, we will be “The Nagles”. He had originally proposed in Mexico the weekend before, but it was a blue bird day, we had to do it all over again! Best day ever! In fact, I consider this my real proposal!

  5. Jamie Says:

    I went to Heavenly for the first time this winter and going Opening Weekend was a great decision. Got to ease into the killer trails and stay in a gorgeous hotel. The mountain was so good to us that we went back as many times as we could. Living 4 hours to Tahoe is my favorite thing about moving to California!

  6. Andres Medrano Says:

    The Booze and Happy hour with friends!

  7. Austin T. Says:

    when i fell flat on my face!! it hurt so good!

  8. veronica donohoe Says:

    snowboarding with my husband on our 10th anniversary last week!

  9. Christyr1q Says:

    My husband driving up for a final day of skiing together to celebrate our anniversary. Got over 30k vertical that day!

  10. uachap Says:

    Spent 10 days at Heavenly with my family this year. Cherished every minute. My favorite place on earth! Oh and we met Shaun White!

  11. Patricia Says:

    Many wonderful moments, but my favorite was watching my best friend since junior high celebrate her 55th birthday by learning to ski. After she mastered Sam’s Dream, those expensive drinks at the Tamarack Lodge were worth every penny, I mean dollar!

  12. Lady Dee Says:

    It was our (me & my bf) first time in the US, first time in the snow, much more first time to do snowboarding. I have been googling weeks before our trip to Tahoe on which skii resort to go to. I had a bunch of choices, but there was something about the “heavenly”. =) Never doubted for a sec. WE CERTAINLY HAD A GREAT TIME and met new friends! We’d love to go back next year!