10 Reasons Why Ski School is Good For Kids

Ski School is amazing for your kids… and you. Here are some reasons I have found from parents over the years:

ski school

10.  We teach them to stand up on their own when they wipe out.
It’s a lot easier for kids to learn from someone they don’t know, than to learn from someone who they may be comfortable arguing with or saying no to already.

9.  We take pictures for you, put sunscreen on the kids, feed them, and blow their noses.
We are there to not only teach them to ski/ride, but to help them with daily activities during the time they are with us. We take good care of each individual child, from sunscreen to food and skin care.

8.  You need some alone time maybe at the spa, or on the slopes.
You can enjoy a few hours or a whole day doing whatever you please. Let us do the work and you take advantage or relaxing time.

7.  Adult beverages are more enjoyable without children.
Your on vacation right? Especially here in Lake Tahoe, there are many opportunities to enjoy restaurants on the mountain and off. Go to that place that you’ve wanted to try, but would be too hard with the kids.

6.  Let the kids be encouraged by peers.
Ski School lessons are valuable in the fact that they get to bond with other kids their own age and do the same activity. They’ll have fun hanging out with new kids, playing in the snow and hopefully not making a mess during snack time.

Children's Ski School at Heavenly

5.  We not only teach them how to ski/ride, but how to carry their own equipment.
Maybe you wont have to carry their equipment next time – once we teach them the proper and easiest way of doing it. If they see all the other kids doing it too, there’s a chance they’ll take it off your hands next time you tell them to.

4.  Starting next year, EpicMix will include Ski School badges, levels and pins.
EpicMix Academy has been announced for next year, allowing ski school students of all ages to earn digital pins for completing certain skills and classes, and will track their progress for the parents to see.

3.  They get to race Lindsay Vonn.
As a goal to make it a fun day in Ski School while learning how to ski/ride, we take the kids through the EpicMix Race Course for free. All the kids get physical medals/pins for completing the course, and maybe your kid will find a new interest in ski racing!

2.  They get a good workout during the day, so they’re tired and passed out by 7:00 p.m.
After skiing/riding all day long, they are sure to be tired, and you’re sure to have a couple hours at night while they’re asleep.

1. They won’t find out how much of a better skier/rider they are than you.
Maybe you haven’t got on the slopes in awhile, or have a little more fear than you used to have. At least they won’t try to race you or tell you that they’re faster and how much of a scaredy cat you are. If you are a more advanced skier or rider, than we’ll have them ready to rip in no time with you on your next ski vacation.

For more Ski School specific information check it out here.

See you on the mountain and in a lesson!

– Rebecca L. Burns
Gondola Children’s Ski and Ride School Supervisor



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