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An Inside Look at Boulder Lodge

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Boulder Lodge is a great place to grab a bite, with its laid back atmosphere and classic American Diner menu – it’s one of my favorites. When you start staring at the menu, be prepared to be surprised, because some of this familiar comfort food comes with a creative twist.

The first time I saw it, it was love at first sight. The Mountain Blue Burger at Boulder Lodge pulls a hot onion ring out of the fryer and stuffs it with blue cheese, then places it on top of the bacon. The contrast of the crunchy onion ring with the soft blue cheese was absolutely delicious especially combined with the thick cut bacon.

Of course, no American diner menu is complete without a milkshake. Once again, Boulder doesn’t fail to excite the taste buds. All the milkshakes are made with dairy supplied from a local creamery (just down the road in Minden, NV). You can get your regular flavors: vanilla, strawberry and chocolate. But if you’re around at the right time you might be able to catch one of their unique seasonal options. So far this year they’ve offered pumpkin, peppermint, spumoni and harvest apple. And if you’re around for St. Patty’s Day you may catch another one of their unique flavors. My preference is for the vanilla because the subtle flavor allows me to appreciate the rich cream. You can really taste that local flavor!

Of course we can’t talk about Boulder ice cream without mentioning “The Snowball” – deep fried ice cream covered with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. So, how do you fry ice cream without it melting? The ice cream ball is first frozen, then rolled in a batter of pancake mix and cornflakes, then frozen again, and then fried – quickly. This way you get a warm crust with a cold gooey inside. Amazing.

At the end of the day you can belly up to the Boulder bar, and enjoy drink and appetizer specials. Starting at 3:30 p.m., beers and well drinks are half price. You can also get a beer and quesadilla combo, or a beer and a small BBQ chicken pizza combo for $10.25. Boulder has Bud Light, Sierra Nevada, Shock Top and Stella on tap.

Boulder deck

Boulder Lodge is nestled in a canyon on the Nevada side of the mountain. You can ski there by heading down North Bowl or Boulder Chute off of Stagecoach. To drive there head up Kingsbury Grade and follow signs for Boulder Lodge. The free shuttles will pick and drop you off there as well.

The long open ski run under Boulder chair is called Boulder Bowl and is great place for beginners. Beginners can sign up for lessons at Boulder and try the magic carpet before getting on the lifts.

New this year Boulder Lodge will have live music every Sunday, starting March 3! Kick back and bob your head to the tunes after a great day on the mountain. The live music will start at 2:30 p.m. every Sunday and go until about 5:30 p.m.

Catch you on the sun deck!

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~Josh Babin
Snow Reporter

6 Responses to “An Inside Look at Boulder Lodge”

  1. Skiavalanche42 Says:

    I like the boulder lodge, but almost never go down there because of the lifts to get back up the mountain. Install high speed chairs and we’ll talk. Until then, don’t expect to see me at Boulder for the music, drinks, food or anything else.

  2. Nevada Family Skiers Says:

    I can’t agree more avalanche. It is a shame because there is some great skiing out of there, and I am not about to take the shuttle out to Stagecoach. It was quite a relief when our kids could ski blues so we could park at Stage!

  3. Houston Flatlander Says:

    If you want people to use Boulder, put in a fast lift.

  4. HV skier since '64 Says:

    Yes. With thirteen days at HV so far this season I have not been to boulder lodge once.
    Just have not had the time to spend going in and coming back out,
    How about a short fast lift up to the water tank saddle, with a trail back down into Stagecoach

  5. Will Beaubien Says:

    Boulder is Great!  It reminds me of when I was a kid.  I now get to show my son what it’s like to freeze while sitting on a chair lift for a half hour.  Despite the antique chair lifts the skiing in the trees is as good as it gets anywhere.  I actually think it is one of the best runs to end a day with.  The slow chairs keeps the crowds away and there is always plenty of parking up close.  I’m actually torn!  Do I want Heavenly to upgrade the lifts or not.  

  6. Bermadeast Says:

    I go to ski , not to eat.  If the eating is convenient and reasonable in price I will go  .   If it takes longer to get there and back than it does to eat you will not see me in the place.