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Welcome to the first edition of the Bandit Blogs. Over the next year you can join the newest member of Heavenly Avalanche Rescue Dog Team as he goes from sock stealing puppy to a fully trained and certified avalanche rescue dog. Let’s first introduce you to Bandit and then dive in to what you can expect to see from him on his journey to becoming a certified team member.

Doctor Bandit Dos-once was born on May 10, 2012 and is the son of our second oldest rescue dog, Boulder. He is the fourteenth generation of a bloodline that has been employed as avalanche rescue dogs in the Tahoe Basin since 1982. Bandit is an American Kennel Club registered Golden Retriever. On January 19 he joined our five other Golden Retrievers and two Labrador Retrievers for his first day on the hill. Now let’s talk a little bit about his training thus far and what you’ll see out of him in the coming year.

This past fall, Bandit completed a multi-week obedience class to lay the foundation for his future trainings. Not only did he successfully learn basic commands, but he undertook the critical phase of socializing with other dogs, highly important for his maturation as a member of the multi-dog team. Most recently Bandit began the “4 Phase” progression program that will develop his specialized skills as an avalanche rescue dog. Watch Bandit work a game of “hide and go seek” in the short video here.

 Stay tuned as Bandit works his way through the “4 Phase” progression and continues to sharpen his skills on and off the mountain.  In the meantime, please follow him on Facebook and Twitter




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