Epic Wishes at Heavenly

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What are some of your favorite memories from a ski trip you’ve taken? Do you remember that epic powder day when you made fresh tracks all day? Do you remember that sunny day with the most perfectly fresh corduroyed runs? Do you remember laughing with your friends or family and relaxing on one of the lodge’s sundecks for hours? Do you remember the smile on your child’s face when they accomplished something they’ve never done on the ski hill?

We’re all about making memories and making those memorable experiences possible. We want to take those memories to the next level and provide extra special experiences that maybe you’ve never thought was possible.

How about fresh tracks with Ski Patrol before the lifts open on a powder day? Or a ride on a grooming cat to watch the sunset over the lake? Maybe your kid will lead the Ripperoo Parade in Heavenly Village, or you’ll get free hot chocolate for a season? What if you didn’t have to wait in any lift lines on a powder day?

I bet if you thought about it right now, you could think of something that would really make your skiing/riding day that much more special. Well, we want to know what it is and we might just make it happen. Post your wish on our Epic Wishes Facebook Tab here!

Come on, we know you can think of something. Think outside the box too… this is all about you. How cool would it be if you won something for your whole family to do or a special surprise for a loved one?

I hope I can get my ‘no lines on a powder day’, or a free 3-course brew-paired meal at the new restaurant Booyah’s. Or maybe I’ll get a free private lesson with one of Heavenly’s top instructors?!

What do you wish for? Make sure to post your wish, we’re granting wishes weekly!

See you on the snow!

~Ashley Smith
Communications Coordinator



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