18′ Halfpipe Opening Day 1/19/13!

1.17.13 halfpipe day 8 distance looks good

The halfpipe’s Opening Day is this Saturday, January 19th and we are celebrating at the top of the halfpipe, at noon! We encourage anyone and everyone to join us for the opening celebration. The halfpipe is in-between Sky and Canyon Express chairs in High Roller Park, which is also opening for the first time this season.  There will be a unique ‘ribbon cutting’ ceremony at noon, a live DJ, Heavenly’s lovely Heavenly Angels, an EpicMix Photographer, Heavenly’s High Roller Team members, free Red Bull and Nature Valley bars (until supplies last), giveaways and posters signed by our High Roller Team. Pro team skier, Kyle Smaine, will show off his skills in the pipe, once the pipe is open to the public at noon. Ther team riders at the event will include, Brent Whipple, Natalie Vitalie, Nick Geisen and Chris Geisen.

Heavenly’s High Roller Park Crew has been working around the clock for the past week, alongside Snow Park Technologies, our groomers and our snowmakers, to make the 18’ tall, 450’ long halfpipe.  It’s been five years since the last halfpipe at Heavenly. This is the fastest halfpipe ever built at Heavenly- built in just 9 days! It’s also currently the only halfpipe on Lake Tahoe’s South Shore, and it definitely has the best views from a halfpipe from anywhere in the U.S. With a 16.5 degree slope, it’s a perfect balance for skiers and riders to boost out of the pipe and learn new tricks at the same time.

This season, you’ll be able to ski/ride jumps, rails, boxes and other fun jib features, above and below the halfpipe. This is creating the ultimate park and pipe mix, all in one run! The location and north facing direction of the halfpipe in High Roller Park, creates an orientation that allows for a uniform consistency between both sides of the pipe, meaning one side won’t melt faster than the other.

As always, safety is very important, so ‘Smart Style it’ before trying anything new. We recommend you always wear a helmet,look and scope out the features by going around them, start small and work your way up, wait your turn and call your drop-in, clear landing areas quickly, respect all signs and stay out of closed areas or off of closed features (they’re closed for a reason), make a smart plan within your ability level before you try something.

1.17.13 halfpipe day 8 with lake

Terrain Parks are part of the snow industry culture. With everything from rails, boxes, jumps and of course the infamous halfpipe.  Who knew that from the first scrapings of a ‘pipe’ built in the 1980s with 4 foot high walls, would turn into these precise, well cut, camera worthy halfpipes?

See you at noon this Saturday, January 19th at the top of the halfpipe!

~Ashley Smith
Communications Coordinator



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