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New Year’s Resolutions 2013

Turning the page of the calendar to a new year isn’t always a cinch and New Year’s Resolutions can easily become one more reason to dread January 1. For most of us everyday people, it’s easy to set unobtainable fantasy goals such as: become a billionaire in 2013 or lose 20 pounds by eating carrot cake and drinking beer each week after yoga (guilty). The key to a good NYR is not only setting a goal but setting the actions and steps to get there.

Here are a few common resolutions and actions to make it happen:

Take my skiing/riding to the next level this season.

Take a lesson with an instructor. Even if you think you’re the bomb.com, go out with one of these guys and you’ll get schooled. Or, if you’re really looking to step it up, spend three days with the ultimate pros at the Heavenly Peak Performance Clinic. You’ll have access to top instructors from USSA and ASSI Demo Team, video analysis of your skiing and riding, instruction on high-end riding and off-piste tactics, and the opportunity to address personal goals – perfect for your NYR.

Practice, practice, practice! Instead of just taking that one weekend during the holidays to work on your techniques, plan a weekend every month when you can come up and just focus on your skiing or riding.

Eat healthier food.

Make time for cooking. Each day you naturally set aside time to take care of your body i.e. sleeping, bathing (hopefully) and exercise. Eating should be no different, you owe it to yourself to cook a healthy, home-cooked meal, especially after a long day on the slopes. An easy way to get into a cooking routine is to find ten healthy recipes to keep in your back pocket. If you have trouble finding time to cook on a daily basis, make sure the recipes are simple and don’t take a lot of preparation.

Take extra time at the grocery store to make healthy selections. Read the label before you put it in your cart maybe even compare products. By doing this, you may find a healthier substitute for foods you eat on a regular basis or realize “maybe I don’t like mayonnaise all that much.”

Learn something new.

Discover a new passion.
If you’ve always liked listening to music, take up playing an instrument (other than the air guitar and spoons). If you’re an art collector, learn how to make art of your own. Take a cooking class, learn how to fire dance or speak Japanese. The possibilities are endless and learning something new can be a great escape from your everyday routine, especially if you try something outside the boundaries of your comfort zone.

Find your learning outlet.  Sign up for a class at the community college or rec center. Find a friend who can teach you or someone in the community who is willing to share their knowledge.


By now, you should be excited to resolve. We’d love to hear your New Year’s Resolutions for 2013. I hope everyone has a safe and happy New Year.

~ Margo Stoney, Marketing Coordinator

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  1. Manpreetkaur Aiesec Says:

    Nice work. Its true, goals and actions are the ones needed this time. 

  2. Team Kailash Online Says:

    Nice Post..May this new year bring happiness to life ..Thanks for sharing it.

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