Conditions Update and Weather Forecast

What a season it’s been so far! We’ve already received 95″-128″ of snow this season. On top of all of that snow, our temperatures have been pretty cold, making our snow quality that nice light powder we all dream of.  We have a total of 3360 acres open, on 66 trails as of today, and more terrain is planned to open this weekend. And now you can also ski and ride top-to-bottom on both the Nevada and California sides of the mountain.

If you’ve been skiing or riding lately, you would have to agree that conditions are pretty excellent. With snow blanketing the mountain almost every day in the last week, we’ve had snow covered terrain almost every morning and refreshed powder stashes. Ski Patrol even opened more tree skiing and everyone’s been enjoying the heck out of it.

The other great thing about our snow conditions, is that just because we’ve been getting help from Mother Nature, our snowmakers haven’t stopped making it. They’ve been out every time the temperatures have allowed making more of that good white stuff. Since this season started, our snowmakers have put in 508 hours of snowmaking. That comes out to a little over 21 full days of snow blasting 24/7 – that’s a lot of snow! To figure out how much snow that is exactly, we’ve made a foot of snow on 350 acres.

What to look forward to next? There are multiple FEET of snow forecasted for this weekend at Heavenly and we couldn’t be more excited. Tune up the powder gear, get out your face masks, charge those GoPros, and get ready for some pow on almost all of our terrain! Our Ski Patrol, Mountains Operations and Terrain Park teams are trying to get Killebrew, Boulder, North Bowl, Galaxy and Groove Terrain Park open as soon as possible. And don’t forget to give a hand to our Grooming Department!

Mother Nature has been on our side and Old Man Winter is ready for some more powder skiing and riding. Watch for the snow, drive safely and I’ll see you on the mountain!

Below are some more pictures from the last week to get you in the mood…

Don’t forget to check out all of our videos on our Heavenly Mountain Youtube Channel. Our videographers bust out videos almost four times a week, so you’re always able to see our latest conditions and updates in HD form.

~Ashley Smith
Communications Coordinator




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