Farewell from Snow Reporter, Megan Hammitt

Farewell, Skiers and Riders! Alas, it has been more than five sweet seasons that I have been collecting and sharing snow data for Heavenly and doing everything in my power to infect you with my powder stoke.

Unfortunately, I’ve developed a severe addiction to said powder and adventure, in general, and they are sending me away to get some help. Okay, not exactly. My years at Heavenly slaying the white stuff have led me to a new frontier; the Last Frontier. At the end of the month, I’ll be heading to Alaska to become the Sales & Marketing Director for H2O Heli Guides, in Valdez.

Fortunately, thanks to Heavenly and to all of you, I think I’m prepared to sell and market the heck out of my awesome new company! Once again, I get to work for the company with the most available terrain, incredible safety protocols and the highest standards for guest service among its competitors.

When I moved to Tahoe, I only expected to remain for a short time. But, I have fallen in love and have made some of the best friends I’ve ever known. The memories made in Tahoe and at Heavenly are the best in my life.  Remember that huge Christmas storm in 2008? It was so deep that it was nearly impossible to move. Then it hit us again in March of 2009; also, waist deep. The 2009/10 season was awesome because it didn’t bring any gigantic dumps, but there were foot+ deposits on a regular, weekly basis. Remember the entire season of 2010/11? Super epic consistent deepness! Remember how we made the best of the epicly-rough 2011/12 season and came out more positive and united for it? Check out the video below for some more of my favorite moments.

Thank you for participating in this love of the mountains with me for the last five years. Thank you for your support, your feedback, your stoke.  Thank you for being amazing friends and sharing your secret stashes and gear tips. Thank you for your love of everything SNOW. You are truly my inspirations, as I venture into the unknown land of AK.

And, most of all, thank you Heavenly for being the most fun place I’ve ever worked. Thank you for letting me be kooky, crazy, and for giving me an opportunity to live the dream: sharing my heart’s song with the world.  My family would probably appreciate it if I went ahead and just grew up. But, you have shown me that growing up doesn’t mean giving up the things that bring me joy. It means finding a way to make them part of my daily life and career.

Join me for my final show as the host of the Vail Resorts Report on Lake Tahoe Television on Sat 12/15 on Outside TV Channel 12.

You know what comes next…


Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter



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