30 inches of new snow and more terrain opening!

Big snow at Heavenly


Hey, gang. This has been one crazy storm. Eighteen inches of new snow fell in the last 24 hours. We’ve had almost 30 inches fall in the last few days. And we haven’t even gotten to the meat of this storm yet! We’re expecting up to another three feet of snow tonight and tomorrow. And for proof that it has been snowing out there, check out the photo of our general manager, Pete Sonntag, knee-deep in what we call the “S Turns” on lower Olympic Downhill, right before you cross under Stagecoach Express.

We were able to get Comet Express and Comet trail ready to open this morning. Which means we now have about 60 acres and over four miles of skiable terrain open. We’ve received a number of questions about when we will open more terrain. I’ll let Pete answer that:

“First, I want to address the concept of quality vs. quantity,” he said. “There is no such thing as ‘early-season’ conditions at Heavenly. We won’t open a trail until it’s mid-winter quality. Rock skis are not part of the equation here. We want guests to bring out their gamers and be able to have confidence that when they put their edge in the snow, they’ll be able to keep it.

“Second, after having toured the mountain today, I’m pleased to report that there is a lot of snow out there and we should be ready to get after it in a big way when the storm blows out of here. Stay tuned so you’re ready to go when we make the announcement.”

Sounds pretty good to me! Hope to see everyone on the mountain soon!

~ Russ Pecoraro 



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