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Mother Nature and Snowmaking Combine Forces to Create a Winter Wonderland

New snow at Heavenly

Good Morning, Skiers and Riders! Tahoe is covered in a blanket of white after three days of snow, and more is expected to fall today. With another 2 inches of fresh snow overnight, the storm cycle has already delivered between 16-20 inches of fresh powder up on the mountain and we’re anticipating up to another 4 inches at the summit through the afternoon.

Our snowmakers weren’t unable to contain their excitement after this welcomed winter kick-off from Mother Nature, and fired up the guns early yesterday morning. The plan was to begin snowmaking on November 1, but with the right temperatures and conditions, the opportunity showed itself and they jumped all over it. The mountain is a-buzz with snow guns, snowmobiles, and even grooming cats, who are already out working all this snow into a nice beautiful base for our trails.

If you haven’t started prepping your gear for the season, now’s the time. Winter IS back.

23 days and counting…

Powder to the People,

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter

7 Responses to “Mother Nature and Snowmaking Combine Forces to Create a Winter Wonderland”

  1. Philip Kessel Says:

    Do you think we’ll have at least one run open on Backside by opening day?

  2. Gary Says:

    Does Heavenly have a video, like the one posted last “preseason”, of the snowmaking process on the mountain?  That was a real psych-up for the skiing/riding season..

  3. RachelRoberts Says:

    Hi Gary- Here’s the video from the first day of snowmaking this year, Oct. 23. It just so happens that Mother Nature decided to help us out too, with almost two feet of natural snow! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2gpB8wrIvaY&list=UUJb3AqFqm3IuqY1mnQYfY9g&index=1&feature=plcp

  4. RachelRoberts Says:

    Hi Philip- We really won’t know what will be open until closer to opening day. We’ll be sure to update you as soon as we know, so stay tuned and keep up your snow dances!

  5. Janorban64 Says:

    Open early!  Like on November 2nd preferably!

  6. Mattrw24 Says:

    Will be there for the first time Dec 13th..cant wait!

  7. J59baker Says:

    pleeeeeaaaassseeeeeee open early!!!