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Help Name Heavenly’s New Restaurant

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Once upon a time, there was a quaint restaurant at the top of the Heavenly Tram called Gunbarrel Grill. The Napa inspired cuisine was light and fresh, while the upscale service was attentive and accommodating.

But alas, it turns out that most skiers and riders are looking for something just a little more high energy during their lunch break. You may scratch your head and ask yourself why. But more likely, you are probably saying to yourself, duh!

That’s exactly what we said when we developed the new sports bar concept that is replacing Gunbarrel Grill this season. Located inside the Lakeview Lodge at the top of the tram, this new sports bar is well worth the effort.

First, let’s talk about the beer selection. Because everyone knows a great sports bar has a ton of different beers. And I don’t mean a ton of the light kind. I mean microbrews. 97 varieties to be exact. That’s right, a different microbrew for every trail we have on our mountain.

Next, we have to talk about the burgers. Because everyone knows a great sports bar has big, juicy, get-all-over-your-hands-and-face burgers. Our custom, made-to-order burgers let you choose your meat, your cheese, your toppings, your bread. You name it, we can probably make it because with over 250,000 combinations, there are a lot of choices.

Finally, we have to talk about the views. And I don’t just mean the lake views. Although those are the best on the mountain with 280 degree vistas of Lake Tahoe. I also mean the views of the big game. With TV’s throughout the restaurant and the biggest games always on, you can count on catching up on your favorite team’s performance.

So, what is the name of this awesome new restaurant you ask? Well, that is the problem. Even though the concept is super clear, we just can’t seem to come up with a name that does it justice. So we are hoping you can help. If you have a good idea, share it here and we just might pick your name.

~ Kelly Campbell, Marketing Manager

  • Danangst

    Sports Heaven!

  • Shelly

    Trambarrel Bar. Sounds good to me like when you say Hay let’s meet at TramBarrel you’ll know where to go :-) by Beck and Chel

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=783440424 Elisha Samra


  • guest

    Face Rats Bar & Grill

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1230877979 Kurt Rix


  • Craig

    WalBeer. or
    Heaven Can Wait. or
    Celestial Suds.

  • Tom

    why not call it what it’s always been called—The Top of the Tram

  • http://www.facebook.com/james.book.77 James Book

    Wow! That’s a lot of good looking beer you got there

  • Kevin

    “The Panoramic Pit-Stop” *Refuel on beer, burgers and scores*

  • Cai_jack


  • Luey

    Tracked Out….because you won’t be in there until the face is “Tracked Out”

  • john of the mountains

    Himmel Haus, oh wait..

  • Shaunamarslan

    Refuge, Barrel House or Stumble are my votes

  • Arod9838

    Cielo http://www.merriam-webster.com/spanish/cielo Heaven 

  • Mikey

    Cloud 9 – From the burgers and brews to the views, come warm up at Lake Tahoe’s newest mountain top restaurant. Because after a long day at Heavenly, you will truly be sitting on Cloud 9.

  • Josh

    The Ale Arsenal at Gunbarrel

    or The Hopper

  • Skatechocolate12

    i bet one of those burgers costs $273.53 haha…but i still love heavenly!

  • Jim_cayhell

    How about “top of the tram”

  • http://www.facebook.com/alexugrin Alexander Ugrin


  • http://www.facebook.com/alexugrin Alexander Ugrin


  • Dale H

    DownThe’Barrel Sports Bar or DownThe’Barrel Burgers & Beer.

  • Bsouriko

     Tips Up or Board Room

  • Marshall

    Beer Heaven

  • Carson

    Spirits in the Sky

    The Beer Run

  • Karen

    Heaven’s Gate

  • Juliegearing

    Restaurant name suggestion…… Stairway to Heaven

  • Carson

    Beer Barrel Run

  • Brandon

    1st Down and 96

  • Canuto_gutierrez

    When is the first day this bar will be open?
    “Heavenly’ Pow, Burgers and Beer”

  • Bayma84

    “Namastê” One place to relax and respect each other culture, just like Heavenly does to all visitors that decided to spend their vacations on this
    ski resort!!!   

  • MP

    The Brew Cave

  • MP

    The Tavern – Brews and Views

  • DFA

    Black Out

  • DFA

    White Out

  • DFA

    White out

  • Mtngoater

    Mr. Toad’s 

  • Cbogle33

    The Lookout

  • Cbogle33


  • Cbogle33

    Tahoe Taphouse

  • TeamChrill

    Sierra view Speakeasy

  • Michaelsisko18

    Micro 97

  • Alun

    The Brewski

  • Deb

    I agree with Mikey…..Cloud 9, because everything is Heavenly!
    (first thing I thought of was Cloud 9, then I read through all the suggestions and saw his…day late, $ short!)

  • Gardengreens

    Falcons Roost

  • Gardengreens

    Name it for a radical mountain critter. Coyote Cave, Vultures View, Vultures Venture, Cougar Crib…..

  • Dale

    Here’s a couple more thoughts: Gunbarrel Brews or Plake’s Place

  • Debbie

    “ViewHaus”  or “BrewHaus”

  • Debbie

    Gunbarrel ViewHaus or Gunbarrel BrewHaus

  • sam

    powder keg

  • Dan Murray

    I suggest “Killebrew’s.”  It only seems like the right thing to do,

  • VickieC

    Sky High

  • Tahoenian

    There have been some awesome names suggested here!!  I am afraid this place is going to be Heavenly priced which means not too many people suggetsing names will even be able to attend and it will be for the overnight market tourists.  In that case, the cool names suggested might not fly.  Oh and since Vail owns heavenly the name will likely have to sound as wealthy as one must be to visit their properties.   Plus, this is a prime wedding spot for the resort in the off-season so that must be taken into account when conceiving the name of the Restaurant.

    I wish they would sell tix to those of us wishing to ride only the off-piste areas and not the trails :)So, where does that leave us?Vail Corp. style names:Tram Haus BreweryCafe ElevateMajestic View BreweryWhat they should name it (but wouldn’t be good for the Vail Corp. brand as it would be too fun):ALL OF YOUR NAMES ABOVE (except KilleBrew Haus as that one should be reserved for the inevitable build of a restaurant at the true top of the mountain)orTramstop Board & Brew FaceDown BreweryBrew Ha HaHeaven’s Beef & BrewMany more and how much fun it must be to be the director of Food & Beverage right now to be able to take this spot and hopefully make it amazing!Heavenly will always remain in the hearts of us true Tahoenians and even with their likely $105/day passes this year I will still be there for the days when “Minden Run”, “Fire Break, & “Palisades” are going off.  Something to be said for the off-piste of Heavenly for us lazy skiers/riders.  :)  But for all other days I will be at the Wood!

  • Heavenly Lover

    Groove Bar & Grill

  • Jarru

    heavenly bar and grill

  • Jarru

    stairway to heaven

  • Jarru

    stairway to heaven                                                                                                                                                                                        ly 

  • http://twitter.com/drs1976sf daniel schrimshire


  • caligal

    How about ski/snowboard terms liek: Sidewall, The Chamber, Crevasse, Fun Box, Vertical Drop, etc.

  • Skier23


  • Randy Brazie

    I will miss the Gunbarrel Grill.  It was awesome.

  • Jarru

    Bruski burger

  • Jarru

    97 Bruski Burger

  • Jarru

    97 B&B

  • Jarru

    Mico 97 Bruski Burger

  • Pat Cavanaugh

    Bumps Brews and Burgers (BBB)

  • Sc10

    Blue View

  • Dabruce

    Heavenly’s Sky Box sports bar.

  • gw

    tips up

  • skiG


  • Debbie

    “Epic Brew” or “Moguls”

  • Alfredodegoyenechep

    Hamburbeer by Alfredo De Goyeneche

  • Dabruce

    Heavenly’s SkyBox sports bar.

  • Lori skinner


  • Ed

    Sports Deck Bar and Grill

  • Vivian

    Top of the Barrel

  • Ariel


  • Ekudey

    Black Diamond Sports Cafe

  • Ekudey

    Black Diamond Gril

  • Fred Motlo

    How about “The Powder Keg” ?

  • Fred Motlo

    How about “The Powder Keg” ?

  • Tahoewhit

    Boards, Brews, and Views

  • Alvin

    Heaven’s Gate

  • Cassiodebiasi

    Taste of Heaven!!!

  • MattH

    “The Upper Deck”.  It probably even has that one section I always end up in where you can’t see a damn thing but the beer is still cold called the nosebleed section.

  • Erik

    What about Wasiu Tavern & Grill or Wasiu Ridge Tavern (The name Wasiu is the Indian spelling of Washoe)…or what about the GB25 Tavern? 

  • Dale

    New idea for the name: Lake View Microbrew

  • Dean

    If I wanted to watch the game, I wouldn’t do it on the slopes. On the other hand, even a small step such as fresh made burgers will improve the generally bad food selection on the slopes. It would be really nice if we can get some upscale, delicious Swiss or European mountain chow. 

  • Christo Ball

    How about Almost 99 Bottles.