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Giveaway Alert: When Will We Get Our First Snow?

We’re doing a giveaway on the blog today! Leave a comment with your guess for the date of the first snowfall at Heavenly. One correct guess will win a Heavenly swag pack. 

With just 49 days until first chair, our team here at Heavenly is buzzing about when we’ll receive our first early-season snow.

We have a board in our offices where everyone has made their guesses:

My guess was 10/20 and personally I’m hoping for a huge dump, not just a light dusting. A couple years ago Heavenly was hit with a massive amount of snow in the early season, which set us up for a record-breaking year in terms of snowfall. This photo was in mid-November during 2010 and by Thanksgiving we had several feet of snowpak already.

We want to hear what your guess is for our first early-season snowfall too. Leave a comment on this blog post with your guess for the date and one right guesser will win a Heavenly swag bag with goodies like a t-shirt, hat, sticker and water bottle. We’ll give you a hint – typically we see our first snowfall in October – early Nov.

Here’s to a white early-season!


98 Responses to “Giveaway Alert: When Will We Get Our First Snow?”

  1. Diane Saraceni Says:


  2. Rjmaves Says:

    Nov 1st  it will snow

  3. Andrewmsf Says:

    We’ll get our first snow on October 20th!

  4. Jillian Bejtlich Says:


  5. Mary Says:

    I would guess 10/29.

  6. Roberto Flores Says:

    October 12 

  7. Roberto Flores Says:

    October 12.  Looking forward to my visit 

  8. Collin Johnson Says:

    I’m guessing November 3rd, 2012

  9. Anthony Fleming Says:


  10. Collin Johnson Says:

    October 25th, 2012 looks promising!

  11. Justinjohanson85 Says:

    10/28 – please please please drop!

    Dear December and following winter months,

    I ask only two things of you this season. Please drop big pow, and keep me safe; both unlike last.


    P.S. If you want to get my back at the tables in South Lake again I’d appreciate that too.

  12. Anthony Fleming Says:

    October 20th

  13. Clark Vandeventer Says:

    October 17.

  14. Chris Says:

    November 2nd at around midnight once those guns fire up

  15. Astrokitty Says:

    October 31st!

  16. Mike Mitchell Says:

    October 13.

  17. Joy Jucker Says:

    October 24th 2012

  18. Bemartin11 Says:

    October 15th

  19. Mike Mitchell Says:

    October 13th.

  20. Kevin Cooley Says:

    October 19th!!

  21. Kevin Cooley Says:

    October 19th!!

  22. Tsopocko Says:

    I think 10/24 would be about right!

  23. Ryan Meredith Says:

    october 18th

  24. Nilesh Dosooye Says:

    October 14

  25. Nilesh Dosooye Says:

    october 14th

  26. Mcd1901 Says:

    October 31st Halloween snow baby!

  27. Marisa Says:

    Thursday October 11th

  28. meez Says:

    october 26th

  29. Brian Says:

    10/20/12 The day my wife is due with our second daughter! Hope it’s like ’04-’05 season. Powder days by Halloween!!

  30. Elizabethmvb Says:

    november 2, 2012!

  31. Buddygoldie Says:

    October 23! Boooom!

  32. Dean Yoshida Says:

    November 5, 2012

  33. Dean Yoshida Says:

    November 5, 2012

  34. Keoki777 Says:

    george 10/19

  35. Katrina Mino Says:

    October 23

  36. SuziSpencer Says:

    October 5

  37. Isaac Gutierrez Says:

    october 14

  38. Allyboobrown Says:

    October 15 th

  39. Craig Says:

    October 16 th

  40. Ashley Miller Savageau Says:

    Oct 28!

  41. Ashley Miller Savageau Says:

    Oct 28!

  42. Dreade Says:


  43. Paul Zander Says:


  44. Jtona Says:

    Oct 15

  45. Tom Says:

    it will be on 10/19—but that’s not what really matters—a little bird told me that Vail will be making the entire upper lot on the California side premium parking—meaning you need to pay to park—-any truth to this rumor?  I guess any way they can suck more money out of you the better (for them)…….

  46. Jbogart Says:

    October 7th

  47. Lacyrez Says:

    October 13th

  48. MidwestSkiChick Says:

    October 12th 

  49. Cliffw Says:

    11/01, need a lot by Christmas this year.

  50. Laurie Anino Says:

    October 23RD

  51. Debra Says:

    Humm, I’m thinking the 30th of October for Natural Snow and Oct. 16 for cold enough nights to start some snow 

  52. Michelle H Says:

    October 27th

  53. CLAUDIO Says:


  54. DonV Says:

    How about Oct. 18 – Sounds good to me!!

  55. Thomas Smith Says:

    October 10.  

  56. Drose64 Says:

    Nov 15. I hope I hope sooner but at least give us a little by then

  57. DBtv Says:

    10/31 Halloween thrills.


  58. Brian Connelly Says:

    I am going early maybe a dusting but hey still snow right? 


    Let it snow let it snow let it snow.

  59. Brian Connelly Says:

    10/6/12 I know early but a dusting is still snow, right?

  60. Krystin N Says:

    Hoping for earlier, but I think November 5th will be the first snowfall for this season.

  61. Stefan Wankerl Says:

    Oct 17
    What a beautiful place Heavenly is !!! Bring on the Snow !

  62. Blue Kogelschatz Says:

    Oct 19th first dusting followed by a huge storm on halloween !!!

  63. Blue Kogelschatz Says:

    Oct 19th first dusting followed by a huge storm on halloween !!!

  64. Michelle S. Says:


  65. gordie Says:


  66. Chanwit Says:

    November 4th

  67. cfgatlin Says:


  68. Janet Says:

    October 11

  69. Kristopher Derentz Says:

    My guess is 10/15 as Utah and Denver both have seen snow already so Im guessing it will be hitting Tahoe soon.

  70. dave Says:

    i’m goona say 10/16

  71. Sauce Says:

    11/4. Late snow. Big snow.

  72. old dude Says:


  73. P Witty Says:

    Don’t laugh, Oct 6

  74. Julia Todd Says:

    10/31-great way to spend Halloween!

  75. james Says:

    10/10, let it SNOW! let it SNOW

  76. Anna Says:

    Oct. 27th

  77. Antonio Ganni Says:

    All this heat is going to swell the clouds then it’s going to get cold and snow, about Oct 10.

     I can dream if I want.

  78. Elisha Samra Says:

    Elisha 10/24

  79. Hamilton Says:

    Epic drought until 12/12/12 then look out!

  80. Marius G. RidestrongFitness Says:

    October 11th

  81. Marius G. RidestrongFitness Says:

    October 11th

  82. Brian Says:


  83. Prana Todd Wasserman Says:

    October 19th

  84. Prana Todd Wasserman Says:

    October 19th.

  85. skiinsam Says:

    1031  always snows on haloween!!

  86. Mikekelly55 Says:

    October. 14 2-3feet

  87. Mikekelly55 Says:

    Go ride with the myans dude.

  88. Arturo Says:

    October 23rd

  89. Taylor Hannah Cook Says:

    November 3

  90. Mia Cummings Says:

    october 16

  91. Mia Cummings Says:

    october 16

  92. Danangst Says:

    October 30!!

  93. David Arriola Says:

    10/21/2012 imo.

  94. Pepper Says:

    My guess will be the 10/10 of October. 2012 :O) 

  95. David Says:

    GUARANTEED: Next Tuesday, October 9th at 2am. Someone better be awake to see it.

  96. David N Says:

    October 10 at 6:48 am

  97. Tim Says:

    Looks like Russ wins!

  98. Heavenly Mountain Resort Says:

    Congrats Roberto, you won! Check out our snow photos and video on Facebook and SkiHeavenly.com. Please send your mailing address to rroberts1@vailresorts.com and we’ll get you a Heavenly swag bag!