Let it Snow! Weather Forecasts For Winter 2012/13

There is one job out there that will always be in high demand…the meteorologist. From farmers to baseball players to skiers and riders, people from all different backgrounds and in all types of industries rely on the weather, and they definitely prefer to know what’s going to happen in advance.

Now, meteorologists have a tough job. Weather is a tricky thing to predict, but as the winter season approaches, many outlets are beginning to release their ‘guesstimations’ about what will happen in 2012-13.

The AccuWeather map calls for “Above Normal Snowfall” for the Tahoe region this season, and I believe them. Not just because their name hints at being accurate. Weather is cyclic. It has been warm in Tahoe this spring and summer, and even as we begin to flip the calendar to October, it is still almost reaching the 80s.

High temps; pine needles blanketing the ground; sap-filled pinecones dropping heavily from limbs (and onto window shields); and squirrels collecting nuts in bulk…listen to nature. Winter is around the corner, and it’s coming in cold.

So, whether it is El Nino or La Nina or another type of small child, if AccuWeather is willing to say they expect better than average snowfall in our region this winter, who are we to argue? Remember those powder days in December a couple years ago? What about the miracle March this past season? Pow is possible early, late and every day in between.

But no matter which part of the season we get hit the heaviest, I can tell you one thing for certain…it starts snowing at Heavenly on November 1. No, I didn’t bribe a weatherman into guaranteeing that. I simply talked to our snowmakers. The plan is to fire up the snow guns at the beginning of November so that on November 16 the conditions are prime.


In the meantime, we have a snow poll going in our office. When do you think Tahoe will see its first snowflakes?


~ Sally Gunter



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