10 signs Winter is just around the corner

Around the office, we are a little more than excited for the upcoming 2012-13 winter season. Over the holiday weekend, everyone scavenged the Heavenly Labor Day Tent Sale to stock up on new gear and now is eagerly counting down the days until the first snowfall. So it may seem as if we are looking around everywhere for signs of the coming winter.
Here’s our quick list of signs that Jack Frost is on his merry way:
1. Football is back on TV.
2. The days are getting shorter and cooler.
3. There are no National Holidays to look forward to until Thanksgiving (wait, does Halloween count?).
4. You have a countdown until first chair – 72 days!
5. You’ve seen at least one winter weather forecast map predicting a lot or a little snowfall in your area. Here’s our favorite.
6. You are starting to plan which ski and snowboard film premieres to attend.
7. You have gear guide magazines scattered across your room and you’re counting your summer pennies to see which new equipment you can buy.
8. Bears are getting ready to hibernate, birds are flying south and squirrels are stock piling pine cones.
9. Pumpkin lattes are making a comeback at your local coffee shops.
10. You’ve already bought your season pass and convinced your friends to do the same.


Have anything else to add to the list? Leave us a comment, we would love to hear!

~ Rachel Roberts, Online Marketing Coordinator



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