How to Store Your Ski and Snowboard Gear for the Summer


Ski storage

What not to do.


With the ski and snowboard season officially put to bed here at Heavenly, it’s time to say goodbye to some trusted friends for the summer. I’m one of those people who believe that if you don’t take care of your equipment, it won’t take care of you, so here are some tips for sending “Gunny” and “Trigger” (I just named my skis for the purposes of this blog) on their well-deserved summer vacations:


The Basics

1. What to do: Clean the bases of both skis and snowboards and dry them thoroughly. Apply a heavy coat of wax to both the bases as well as the edges. Take all the tension out of both the front and rear bindings by setting your DIN to zero. Store skis upright in a cool, dry place. Snowboarders, you guys drag your boards across the parking lot, so how you store the board probably isn’t as critical.

What not to do: Stick your skis in your boss’s office for the summer, a la Suzy Gunner.

Expert tip: I’ve heard ski schoolers talk about storing their skis in the rafters, bases up, and that the wax completely soaks into the bases by the fall. A good percentage probably also ends up on the hood of your car. This is the stuff of legends.


2. What to do: Take the liners out of your boots so they can completely dry. Once dry, replace them and loosely buckle your boots.

What not to do: Leave your wet boots unbuckled in the back of your Subaru Outback. “But I pulled the back shade thingy over it, brah.” Like that’ll help.

Expert tip: If your boots smell like burning hair wrapped around a turd (thanks, Anchorman), consider storing them with a dryer sheet or spray some Febreeze in them.


3. What to do: Wash all gloves, hats, jackets, pants, layers, socks (may I repeat SOCKS?) before storing them for the season. Treat them like any other clothing and hang jackets in your closet and put base layers and socks in a drawer. Salt or whatever that sits on the material all season can damage it.

What not to do: See my boot comment from above.

Expert tip: Washing with a powder detergent can bring back the water repellency in your shells.


One Last Advanced Move

Make storing your gear ceremonial and fun. People will find any excuse for a party. Getting a bunch of friends together to wax skis and welcome summer is as good as any. Have a great summer!


~ Russ Pecoraro, Director of Communications



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