Another Season on the Books at Heavenly

I wore my prom dress and tiara to send off the 2011/12 season, what'd you wear?

It seems that every year I’m asked to write a season recap from the Snow Reporter’s point of view, and while many of them contain similar sentiments and experiences, this particular winter has been unusual in many respects.

It’s no secret that all of Tahoe was snow-challenged for the majority of the winter, not receiving the bulk of its seasonal snowfall until around mid March. While this could have created a sour vibe from employee to guest and beyond, something special, something transcendent occurred instead.

After this winter, I’m especially proud to say that I work for a mountain where the glass is half full and sometimes that glass is a bucket that’s being used to ship snow up a chairlift to build a trail with better access for our guests.

It brings me joy to know that my employer is always looking on the bright side, and that the bright side can be the blasting fireworks above the Village during an incredible New Year’s celebration, or the glint off a dancer’s shiny neon green spandex at the Unbuckle apres ski party.

I’m deeply satisfied to know that work hard/play hard is more than just a motto, it’s a deeply held belief system that stems throughout the mountain, and is fully embodied by our terrain park crew when they provide the biggest, best, earliest, most creative and most consistent parks in the Basin.

And while this isn’t Texas, it brings me pride to work for a company who believes bigger is better, especially when we’re talking parties and events like the Stateline Showdown, Heavenly Holidays, Helly Hansen Fashion Show, TransWorld Park Sessions and the Nike Chosen Competition.

Despite all circumstances working against us this season, our crews throughout the resort have worked harder than ever and with bigger smiles than I think I’ve seen in my last five winters with Heavenly.  And, you, our guests, have stayed right there with us, smiling, accepting and telling Mother Nature that we don’t care what she delivers, we’re winter people and we’re going to have fun this season, no matter what!

It was so obvious on the final day of the season yesterday. The costumes and fanfare were just one more testament to our love of snow. I’m already planning my outfit for next year…

Take a couple minutes to reminicse with a visual display of what it looks like to rise above, in videographer, Chris Stamey’s, season recap video below.

Until next season, my snow-luvin’ friends…. Powder to the People!

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter



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