Spring Skiing Rituals

spring rituals

Many people associate spring skiing with good times, abundant sunshine and an excuse to get a little crazy.  Here are some of my favorite spring skiing rituals.

Tailgating: There’s no better way to ring in spring than a good old fashioned slopeside barbecue.  This is the time of year when many seasoned ski veterans dust off their grills, drop their tailgates and unleash their best potato salad recipe.  At Stagecoach particularly, you’ll often find camping chairs, folding tables, friendly wandering dogs and some of the most elaborate feasts you’ll ever see coming out of the back of someone’s pick-up. All smiles here, just friends soaking up the sunshine; grillin’ burgers and sipping brews between runs.

Costumes: Banana Suits, bikini tops, bunny ears, onesies, superheros, crazy hair, basketball jerseys, 80’s garb, bling bling, bad sunglasses and vintage hats. We’ve all seen some insane get-ups out there; it must be something about that fresh Sierra Spring air that brings out the creative fashion geniuses in all of us.

Working on your GTL: Gotta get down with your Goggle Tan Lines! For some people this is purely accidental (skiing or riding 100 days a year in California sunshine is no accident if you ask me, but you get my point). Others spend long SPF-free hours taking laps at high noon with hopes to define that line of light and dark surrounding the goggle area. For those who are considering going out for a goggle tan, beware:  it often looks like a beard – a particularly interesting look on females.

Making it a Multi Sport Day: Talk to any local and you’ll learn that this is one of the best parts about living in Tahoe. With great conditions on the mountain and warmer temperatures in the afternoon, ripping some fresh-laid corduroy in the morning and taking part in summertime activities in the same day is not out of the question. Warm temps create dry trails and conditions for mountain biking or hiking, golfing in the Carson Valley, disc golf at Bijou Park and of course the ultimate Tahoe Spring day: an afternoon on the beach.

Just Plain Partying: Live music, sunbathing, adirondack chairs, margaritas, dancing, mingling and cheeseburgers. Sounds fun, I know. It’s no coincidence that you can find all of this at Heavenly this weekend for Spring Loaded.

No matter which route you choose to celebrate the bittersweet end of ski season, make it count! How do you celebrate spring on the slopes?

~ Margo Stoney, Marketing Coordinator



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