The Creative Minds Behind Heavenly’s Terrain Parks


Ever wonder how a piece of scrap metal or an old tire can be embedded in snow and transformed into a park feature. Dan Boshar is here with a behind the scenes look at how the Heavenly Terrain Park Crew make features come to life.

Terrain parks have become more and more interesting and unique over the years.  Each season the creative minds of the Terrain Park Crew try to come up with new and innovative features and layouts for the public to come and enjoy.  Many of these features are inspired by urban and backcountry setups that the Park Crew wants to bring to the slopes.  Sometimes it may be something technical out of the streets, other times it may be a natural cornice in the backcountry.  The Park Crew likes to take these setups, tweak them, and build them up in the parks for everyone to ride.

The first step is usually taking an idea and getting it drawn out on paper.  Whether it’s a masterful blueprint, or just a doodle on a napkin the idea starts to take shape.  The Park Crew works as a team to fine tune the idea into a buildable feature.  The next step is taking the design to the snow.

The Cat Operators begin by moving snow one mound at a time.  Slowly as the snow piles up a rough shape of the feature starts to form. The Operators continue to move snow as the hand workers start sculpting.  With the use of vertical cutters, chainsaws, lasers, shovels, rakes, man and machine power, the feature begins to take on a finished look.

After all the shaping, cutting, and digging, the Cat Operators put down the finishing touch with some fresh chords.  Then comes the fun part; one lucky member of the Park Crew gets the important task of testing the feature.  This ensures the safety and functionality of the new feature before it is opened to public.  Any small adjustments are made to make sure the design is flawless.  The feature sleeps overnight so the snow can set up and hold a perfect form for weeks to come.

Here’s a behind the scenes look at our recent High Roller build:

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~ Dan Boshar, Heavenly Terrain Park Lead



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