Top Rituals to Make it Snow


Another winter storm is upon us and everyone is anxiously waiting for those flakes to start piling up. We all know Mother Nature has been having a tough time this year, so we wanted to find a way to help her out. Whether you are a kid looking to get a day off from school or a powder hound looking for some fresh tracks, here are our top rituals to make it snow.

Snow Ritual #1: Wear pajamas inside out. After scouring the internet and researching with friends, this seemed to pop up the most. So everyone, turn your PJ’s inside-out before heading to bed tonight.

Snow Ritual #2: Spoon under pillow. Seems pretty simple, just grab a spoon and stick it under your pillow. This will send the message to the snow gods that you are dreaming of SNOW, SNOW, SNOW!

Snow Ritual #3: Repeating a snow chant. There’s no right or wrong combo of words here. Pick something that speaks to you and repeat it over and over again until those flakes start to fall – or until the neighbors start to complain.

Snow Ritual #4: Throw ice cubes into a tree. Grab a few bowls of shaved ice and sprinkle them on trees and bushes around the yard. This is sending Mother Nature the message that you are ready for some freshies.

Snow Ritual #5: Stack pennies on your windowsill. Each penny counts for an inch of snow, so empty your piggy banks and stack ‘em tall! How many do you think you can stack? 72+?!

Snow Ritual #6: Sacrifices to Ullr. Even though there is no historical evidence that Ullr is actually the God of Snow, skiers through the decades have been ritually praying to Ullr to bring snow. And even if he’s not technically the God of Snow, we still think it’s still a good idea to cover our bases and send him a shout.

Do you have any snow day rituals? Have they worked?



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