Potential for Tahoe’s Biggest Dump of the Season Starts Tonight!


Though she’s been coy this winter, Mother Nature is apparently about to make another appearance over the next week and we’ve already been feeling her stir these last couple of days. The weather pattern is shifting again, bringing a chance for the largest dump of the winter, so far. Forecasts are calling for up to 6 feet by the end of Saturday!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been YouTubing snow dances in my spare time and every night my dog looks at me cross-eyed as I try them out in front of my mirror. These are the lengths your snow reporter goes to for you! I’ve been dancing and hopefully you have too!

In the meantime, conditions have been awesome thanks to our high elevation, the skills of our grooming team and the extra effort they’ve been putting in lately. They’ve been digging deep into their bag of tricks and 250 combined years of experience. They’ve been digging deep into the snow itself. What comes out is nice thick corduroy, softer snow… quality surfaces. The best in the Basin, in fact.

It’s been a challenging season, but with the most advanced snow cat fleet in the West Coast, we’ve had an advantage I can feel every time I lay my edges across the rippled snow and they hold strong. And, while I’m stoked that my home humiliation may finally pay off this week, I’m relieved to have the faith that no matter what, my favorite grooming team will deliver.

Pray for snow. Do a dance. Hug a groomer.

Powder to the People,

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter



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