A Truly Heavenly Holiday Season


I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…yes, actually I am. As a recent transplant to the South Lake Tahoe area, as in one week ago new, the holiday season is something I am looking forward to with the excitement of a child waiting in line to see Santa.

For the past five years, I have been living in Houston, Texas. A place known for its heat and humidity, Houstonians are not accustomed to seeing too much of that white fluffy stuff on the ground. So, when I was first told about the Heavenly Holidays and the 13 days of festive events in a winter wonderland, I couldn’t help but smile and start planning every second of my free time.

This will be my first Christmas away from my family, who I left back in Texas, and as I look at all the family activities incorporated into Heavenly Holidays, I can’t help but think how my three little nephews would react. They would clamor to be the first children in line at Santa’s Workshop Snow Globe, eager to sit on his lap and tell him all the new Star Wars Lego sets they put on their wish lists. They would inch closer to the ice sculptors, daring each other to touch one or try to put their tongue on it. Their tomfoolery would drive my sister insane, and the vision of this scenario makes me chuckle and look forward to seeing other families partaking in similar holiday fun.

Today, I couldn’t help but notice how the Heavenly Village has already embraced a sense of the season with Christmas lights and wreaths decorating buildings throughout. Catching a glimpse of youngsters bundled to the max and attempting to stay upright on skates at the ice rink, I envisioned how the rink will look on December 29 and 30 as Olympic skaters, Jeb K. Rand and his wife, Jennifer, glide across the smooth surface, forcing oohs and aahs from the attentive crowd as they perform. I’ve been practicing my oohs and aahs ever since.

Oh, and did I mention the live music? Not one, but four days of concerts.  I’m accustomed to music with a little more twang so I’ll probably leave my two-stepping at home, but you better believe I will bring my head-bobbing and swaying to the scene.

All these grand events lead up to one monumental evening and the countdown people wait 12 months for – New Year’s Eve. Forget New York City’s famous countdown. South Lake Tahoe is the new place to ring in 2012. The electric “Fear No Ice – Rock N Roll” ice sculpting show, live music and interactive games all precede a breathtaking moment when a brightly lit Gondola is ‘dropped,’ signifying the New Year. A dramatic fireworks show concludes the night and the 13 days of Heavenly Holidays. I can’t wait to see the sky over the mountains and lake lit up like the Fourth of July. I’ll probably be oohing and aahing then too.

All-in-all, even though I’m two time zones away from my family and will miss them, this is going to be a truly Heavenly white Christmas and New Year’s for me.



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