A Day in the Life of Kid’s Ski School


Let’s step back in time into the teeny, tiny ski boots of our childhood—back to when someone else had to stuff our pudgy little hands into miniature ski gloves and to when once we were fully outfitted, we could barely move.  Heavenly’s Kid’s Ski and Ride School is a magical place that parents only catch a glimpse of from a far.  So we asked  Children’s Ski School Supervisor, Becky Burns to help us get an inside sneak peek into a day in the life of a kid in ski school is like.

Kids arrive early in the morning, around 8:30, usually a bit sleepy and rubbing their eyes to wake up. They say good-bye to Mom and Dad in the lobby and hello to the day of adventure ahead! Often Ripperoo , the lovable ski school mascot, welcomes them in the lobby when they come in.

Following our “Kiss and Go,” students are escorted through the process of gearin’-up by our coaches and assistants.  Then they are separated into their discipline – skiing or riding – and ability level to meet their coach for the day.  With their coach, the teams of students march across the village in their boots and helmets, carrying their skis. They board their gondola “spaceships” for the journey to the top of the mountain and on the way up they get a spectacular view of “Lake Taco.”

At the top of the Gondola they get to see Ripperoo again, and even take a picture with him! Then they get a ride on Big Blue, (our snowmobile and the trailers that get pulled behind it) which is like a rollercoaster ride, to the Magic Carpet where they learn to ski or ride.

To cap off the day, every Saturday at 4:30pm the gang at Heavenly’s Ski and Ride School comes out of their shell; they get silly marching through the village serenading visitors of all ages as part of the Ripperoo Crew Snow Parade! The Crew meanders through the Village to the beat of the MJ Liveric’s exceptional drumming, with free cookies and hot cocoa, and gains enthusiastic followers both children and adults.  And this year they are going to pick one lucky kid each week that gets to lead the parade!

Also new this year, Heavenly will open a kid’s adventure zone called Black Bear Hollow at the top of the Gondola.  Black Bear Hollow is a meandering, low-angle skiing and riding trail with groomed whoop-de-dos, wood carvings of local animals and wildlife fact signage. The adjacent entry-level progression park features small rails, gentle jumps and boxes designed to help youngsters explore.

Going all the way back to its first ski school director, Stein Erickson, Heavenly has long operated one of the country’s finest ski and ride schools. This year’s installment is no different, boasting three members of the Professional Ski Instructors of America’s National Demonstration Team and six members of the Western Demonstration Team, literally the best ski and snowboard instructors in the country. This year, Heavenly will add a new, 2,022-square-foot kids’ ski and ride school facility at the top of the Heavenly Gondola. Styled after the stunning Tamarack Lodge, this beauty will serve fresh, wholesome food on site that kids will really enjoy.

With new additions to Kid’s Ski School at all three locations—California Lodge, Boulder Lodge and Gondola Village—it is guaranteed to be an exciting year! For more information visit our Kid’s Ski School website or call them at 800-587-4430.



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