South Lake Tahoe Owns Halloween!

Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays, namely because I’m a sugar fiend and sugar is the heart and soul of what Halloween is all about, right? Well, it is to me, anyway…

Halloween has risen even higher on my holiday-o-meter since moving to Tahoe, because candy is secondary to the gigantic party that takes place around the casinos every year.  Quite frankly, this town owns Halloween.

Between the Freakers’ Ball and the Vex Halloween Party, Stateline holds the monopoly on fun Halloween weekend. The freaks really do come out at night and the main drag teams with some of the sexiest, scariest and downright hilarious costumes. I’ll never forget the guy who came dressed as a gigantic tree trying to maneuver up the stairs at Vex on stilts wrapped in paper mache! Nerve-wracking.

At last year's Boo Bash

At last year's Boo Bash

I think the reason Halloween is so much more important to me now, though, is the fact that by the time the day has passed, I’ve had 3 or 4 days worth of events with a variety of costumes. For example, this year, I’m going to be a witch at the Heavenly Boo Bash, an event we’re having this Friday for the children of our company. The witch costume should be appropriate for the party at Rojos Tavern that night. On Saturday, I’m still undecided on my costume for the infamous Freakers’ Ball and the all-around insane evening on the strip, but I know it has to be something sassy or sarcastic. Sunday, a friend is having a private party in the Keys, for which I’ll probably throw something together from my closet full of goodies; experiment, if you will. But Monday is actually Halloween, so I imagine I’ll dress up in some orange and black accents and be sure to bring my goodies for the office potluck. Whew!

This is probably the point where I should ask for tips on removing 4 days worth of fake eye lash glue…

Somewhere in the midst of all this socializing, I’m going to attempt to head over to the Haunted Trail: Terror in Tahoe, a haunted trail through the woods at the Campground by the Lake on Highway 50. They tell me that roaming monsters will ensure frightening fun to be had by all, and I’m an easy target.

Geez, it’s starting to sound like I have a lot of prep work to do, which is going to get awfully difficult with this impending sugar crash….

Happy and safe Spooky Day to all!

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter



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