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Opening Week with Bush!

As if I wasn’t excited enough for the opening festivities at Heavenly after recent rumors of snow on the horizon, I just found out that Heavenly and MontBleu Resort Casino & Spa landed Bush to play in celebration of opening week! It was already shaping up to be an awesome week with a Warren Miller film premier, amazing après ski, and live music and events on the mountain, but now we will also have a killer band rounding it out.  And I can’t tell you how excited I am for the chance at a Gavin and Gwen sighting in South Lake!



I am a true child of the 90’s.  I graduated high school in 95’ and college in 99’, so Bush was a soundtrack for my teenage years.  They occupy numerous spots on my various iPod playlists including “Tahoe Bound” (the mix I put together for our 9 hour drive from San Diego to Tahoe) and “Mike’s Rock”…my husband’s favorite (creatively named) playlist.  Classics such as “Glycerine,” “Everything Zen,” “Alien,” and “The Chemicals Between Us” just to name a few.

But, by dating myself I don’t want to date the band.  They just released a new album and their first release is called “The Sound of Winter.”  I swear we didn’t plan that!  It just happens to fit perfectly with our opening week festivities.  Do you think Bush would let us name the Heavenly opening week party after their hit song?  They might not be wild about that but I am wild about the fact that they are going to be the sound of our week long festivities!

Now, at the risk of sounding like a commercial, I do want to share the details on when, where and how to buy tickets.  Bush plays at MontBleu on Saturday, November 26th at 9:00 pm.  Tickets went on sale today at 10:00 am, so what are you waiting for?  Buy your tickets.

Here’s my question for you…  if there is a Gavin/Gwen sighting out and about South Lake, where do you think they are likely to go?

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