Legend Has it There’s a Monster in our Terrain Parks!

Greetings Heavenly Shredders,

It’s been a scorching summer, but winter is coming fast and the Terrain Park Crew is gearing up for another epic season at Heavenly.  This season we’re bringing out an arsenal of new features that are bound to blow your mind.  We don’t want to give away all of the surprises, but our new butter pad box is nothing short of legendary. The hardest thing about naming a new feature is naming it. When it was finished we were sitting around brainstorming names and thought it kind of looked like the famous Tahoe myth “Tahoe Tessie” Tessie is a legendary lake monster that lives in the depths of Lake Tahoe. We felt the box was the same shape and would live up to the legend and name of Tahoe Tessie’s wild ride.  It’s 32 foot by 4 foot butter pad that has two dips, a hump, and a mellow kicker off the end.  The new features will also include a fleet of “easy style” boxes for those 1st time skiers and riders looking to step up their game in the terrain parks. 

Rail Crew

(Picture: Tessie feature with summer 2011 rail crew, from left to right; Jason Christel, Aaron Engelhard, Dan Boshar, Matt Stephen and Park Manager, Mike Thomas)

We have also been working on our recycled line, continuously taking “mountain trash” and making new terrain park treasures.  One example is a sweet 30’ “elbow rail” made from some of the scrapped wind fencing from top of Sky. 

Elbow Rail 

A lot of the older features have received complete facelifts as well.  You may not even recognize them anymore!  There is a lot of work going on up on the mountain right now and a lot more features to come. 

Stay tuned and stay stoked.  We’ll have more good news soon.

 Matt          Aaron            Dan

 Matt Stephen         Aaron Engelhardt               Dan Boshar

– Heavenly Terrain Park Crew



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