Summer Tubing Opens

Hey, gang. We’re really excited to announce that summer tubing is open. This has not been without its challenges. We had that one day of spring back in mid-June and then summer finally decided to show up, but it’s taken awhile for the snow to melt. It finally has, we were able to put down this cool surface called Neveplast (the same surface they use at the indoor ski hills in the UK and Dubai) and it’s a pretty sweet ride. But don’t listen to me, here’s a little video that shows it better:

Summer tubing is popular on the East Coast, but this is the only summer tubing hill at Lake Tahoe, and maybe even the U.S. West Coast. It’s a great attraction that we hope you all can come up and enjoy!

P.S. Chris, our videographer, wanted me to point out that this was shot and edited by me, completely on my iPhone. Ain’t technology grand?



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