Father’s Day for the Mountain Dad

Father’s Day is this weekend, I’m one of two dads in the department, so who do they tag to write the Father’s Day Gift Ideas blog? Does that seem right to you guys? Feel free to weigh in on this particular injustice while I fill your heads full of awesome ideas for the mountain dad in your life.

Since this blog is being written under protest, I’ve simply taken all of the spam e-mails I’ve received over the course of the week and compiled them into one top ten list for you. The majority of these ideas were taken from Thrillist and Peter Greenberg’s gadget guru, Phil Baker.

10. The Texas Grill Brush. There’s nothing worse than a cheap grill brush that melts and falls apart while you’re cleaning the grill. With an extra-long handle for the extra-hot fires, these babies are industrial strength to hold up to whatever your grill dishes out.

9. Verizon 4G MiFi Card. Because wireless service is spotty in the mountains, this little gadget makes even the most remote locations hot spots.

8. Indiana Jones Blu-Ray Box Set. Now that it includes the “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” there’s a whole new reason to bust out the fedora and settle in for movie making at its best.

7. Churros. You just can’t beat ’em. This one was pretty inspired on my part.

6. Black & Tan Beer Soap. Comes in the shape of a pint glass. Don’t try to drink the suds that come off your hands. Advertised as fitting “squarely in the working man’s calloused hands.”

5. Buffalo Plaid iWooly. “Protects dad’s tech” is what the site says. And it gets cold up here, so you don’t want your best little pal getting cold as you go from your car to a meeting. Bonus points if you get dad the scarf to match.

4. Lightsaber Chopsticks. Most of us dads can’t use ’em to save our lives, but give us these little puppies and we’ll certainly keep trying. And the cool sound effects we’ll make all dinner long – well worth the price.

3. Best Made Summer Axes. Not sure how a summer axe differs from a winter axe, but you’ve got to have one.

2. Samuri Kitchen Knives. One of these bad boys would make sous-chefing a treat. Check out the video. The guy’s full-sleeve tatoo is a gift for another time.

1. And finally…Antlers for All Things. I want my 17 winter jackets hanging from one of these “cruelty-free” bad boys. Perfect accessory for any cabin or den (or man cave).



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