Help! Liz Needs Your Gardening Tips

Since moving from Chicago, I’ve relished in all the outdoor spaces I have to take advantage of in Tahoe. No longer am I confined to a 5 x 7 deck. Now I have a front porch, patio and yard to do with as I please.

In honor of all my new spaces in the sun, I felt compelled one recent Saturday to visit a local nursery to buy my first flowers ever. It was a momentous occasion in this budding gardener’s life.

I ended up getting a basic wood planter, some organic planting soil and two pretty flowers – a yellow Dwarf Asiatic Lily and some Juniper Leaf Thyme.


Since planting my new friends and posting them front and center on my front porch, I’ve gotten so much pleasure out of watching them flourish. It’s made me want to plant even more!

The problem is, beyond basic “you can’t kill me if you tried” flowers, my city lifestyle left me with absolutely no knowledge of how to grow a blossoming garden. So that’s where you guys come in. I’ve been told people who love the mountains generally have a green thumb.

So here are the things this novice gardener is wondering:

What plants are easy to grow? Herbs? Vegetables?

Does the dry air climate have a lot of effect on plants?

How do you keep critters away from your plants?

Any advice, stories, tips you could offer me would be greatly appreciated.  Here’s to a summer full of beautiful blooms!




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