Tahoe is Open for Memorial Day Weekend!

Another great thing that happens at Lake Tahoe right around Memorial Day – all the Forest Service gates open for the summer season. And while the half-mile walk from the Kiva Beach gate on Hwy 89 is probably good for Connor the Wonder Dog and me, when you throw two kids under the age of three into the mix…let’s just say that you can’t beat the convenience of parking right at the beach.

Kiva is one of Tahoe’s only dog-friendly beaches, but be sure to keep your dog on leash or under voice control because a lot of families end up here because there’s no fee to park. I’ll get on my doggy soap box here and tell you that I believe, as dog owner, that we enter into a contract with the rest of society to 1) pick up after our pooch, and 2) make sure it’s not a menace to be around. Basically, to keep the few places like Kiva open to our pups, we need to be responsible pet owners.

The Taylor Creek Visitor Center also opens on Memorial Day Weekend. Taylor Creek is one of my favorite places in Tahoe – I’ve been going there since I was a little kid and now I take my kids there. The stream profile chamber is awesome, and the hikes are a great way for families to get outdoors and learn something about our amazing little ecosystem. They’ve got a great line up of interactive family activities set up for the season, so check it out for some of the best good, clean, family fun here at the Lake.

I almost forgot – Hwy 50 over Echo Summit is also open with no restrictions this weekend. The new rock barriers look great and make you feel a lot more secure as you wind your way into the Lake Tahoe basin. Hope to see you up here this weekend!



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