An Insider’s Guide to Mother’s Day in South Lake Tahoe

Lindsey Dominic

Moms. They’re the best. They’re the person you want when you’re hurting. The person who’s always there. The person you most want to make proud. It’s kind of ridiculous that we only set aside one day a year to celebrate the person most responsible for who we are, so that’s why you need to seize the opportunity and go big this Mother’s Day (which reminds me that I need to buy my mom a card).

Ski industry spouses deserve special mention here. Because the winter is so busy for most of us, our wives keep our families afloat during the season. Let her know how much you appreciate her and recognize her for working just as hard, if not harder, than we have to all winter long.

I’ve got two Mother’s Day honorees in my life – my mom and my wife. My kids are too young to pull off Mother’s Day on their own, so I’ll be doing double duty. For you other Tahoe dads and sons looking for some ideas, here are a few proven winners:


You’ve got to at least do flowers. This lady gave birth to you, people! A place like uses local florists so you can usually get a bouquet  sent to Mom even if you’ve waited until the last minute.


There’s an online jewelry store called Nelle and Lizzy and they do a real good job with simple, personalized jewelry. I was able to get my wife a ring with our kids’ names engraved on it for relatively cheap (hopefully she doesn’t read this). You’re probably too late at this point to get something done, but file this one away for next year.

Edgewood’s Mother’s Day Brunch

We’ve gone to Edgewood’s Mother’s Day Champagne Brunch the last few years, and it’s pretty awesome. You can’t beat the location and the menu’s fantastic: cook-to-order omelets, premium-grade sushi, schnitzel (I don’t really eat schnitzel, but couldn’t pass up the opportunity to use the word in a blog post) and the coup de grace, the banana foster station – can you say “mmmmmmmmmmmmm?”

Cruising on the Tahoe Queen

For the sea-faring moms out there, the Tahoe Queen is offering a Mother’s Day Brunch cruise, including a rose, champagne and two-hour cruise on Lake Tahoe.

Get Mom Blitzed

Not only does Riva Grill open its deck for this excellent buffet, but they’ve got a Make-Your-Own-Margarita station that is sure to give Mom a rosier attitude on her day.

So there it is, gang. Now after you’ve read this, wait 25 minutes to take action, which should give me enough time to make reservations for my crew! Happy Mother’s Day!

Lindsey and kids



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