6 Tips for Storing Your Gear for the Summer


The 2010/11 ski and ride season has come to a close and summer is on the horizon! In the meantime, how you treat your gear now can dictate whether you start next season off smoothly or miss out on epic November powder days like we had this year, due to faulty or missing equipment.

After asking around at the office, I’ve compiled this short list of tips for wrapping up your gear for the summer, so you don’t miss a beat (or a pow turn, for that matter)!

**1** Empty Pockets, Empty Car! – Let this be your mantra as you sift through random gloves, bolts, hand warmers, starlight mints and Hershey kisses! Start with your car and pull all snow season gear from the trunk, the dash, and under the seat (that’s where my spring wax went…oh no!).  Follow suit with your jackets, pants, and soft shells (that’s where those Hershey kisses went…oh no!).

**2** Closets Shouldn’t Smell Like Locker Rooms – Don’t try to pretend you washed your pants or jackets even one time in six months. We all know you didn’t…we can see it on the cuffs of your sleeves and in the swirl of dust that followed you on your last run of the season. To show your outer layers a little extra love, try buying a waterproofing add-in from your local snow shop to throw in the wash.

**3** Don’t Be Insecure – Even if you’re shy about your skiing ability, there’s no room for insecurity when packing up your equipment for the summer! Be sure to buckle all bindings, zip up pockets, tie laces neatly away and buckle your ski boots. These measures ensure that you’ll maintain the current shape of your gear and make you feel secure in the fact that you won’t open the closet to broken items come November.

**4** Have Your Wax Caked and Tune it, Too! -  Take your equipment in for one last tune of the season (**clears throat** or maybe the first for some of you). The key here is “Powder Day Readiness”. What if opening day is a powder day this year and you pull out a dry scratched board at 8:20am? Think anyone will wait for you? We both know the answer to that question. The second part to this is that it’s a good idea to leave a nice thick coat of wax on your bases to keep them from drying out in the summer heat. Give a wax-flake offering to Ullr by giving it a good scrape in mid-November .

**5** Organize it, Don’t Re-Buy it! – Once everything is primed and ready for storage, be sure to put it away neatly. If it’s safely out of the way of your summer gear, you won’t damage or lose any of it as you pull your tent in and out of the closet.  Take an inventory as you put it all away and make a list of what gear needs to be purchased for next season, in order of priority. Failing to complete this step could mean wasted money on an extra set of goggles or gloves, when your snowboard boots were so soft that you could fold them in half.

**6** Be a Calendar Girl! – Number that calendar backwards or download a count-down application for your smart phone… whatever you have to do, keep track of how many days are left until opening day so you know how many more pennies to put away for gear and how much harder to push your workouts as the fall approaches.

205 days and counting….

Powder to the People,

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter



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