Heavenly Employees Are People, Too!


It’s hard to be a grump when your work day consists of ride breaks and Tahoe sunshine! That’s why Heavenly employees are known for their hospitality and guest service.

It’s really a simple recipe… when you live what you love, your happiness cup runneth over!

I have been so inspired the last four seasons I’ve spent at Heavenly by the wonderful, dedicated, caring coworkers I’ve had the honor of working with. And the sentiment is for the seasonal, the full-time, and even the temporary visitors from afar!

This season has been particularly amazing because of the unprecedented amount of snow that has fallen and you can see it all over the happy (though exhausted!) faces in uniform.  I decided to head out and find out what our employees’ favorite memories were of the 2010/11 season.

Heavenly Employee Memories from Heavenly Mountain on Vimeo.

Powder and love to the People,

Megan Hammitt~ Snow Reporter



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