Have You Hugged a Terrain Park Crew Member Lately?

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All winter Mother Nature is the star of Heavenly as she blows soft flakes of powder all over our mountain. Then, when she takes a rest, it’s our world-class grooming fleet that gets to shine as they put all that snow to work.

But when Spring arrives and the sun is shining, there’s another crew who takes the spotlight: The Heavenly Terrain Park Crew (aka Heavenly TPC).

The reputation of Heavenly’s parks has evolved in the past 4 years I’ve been with Heavenly from industry standard, to innovative industry leaders. They constantly push the envelope when it comes to materials and setups. Not to mention the fact that during this season’s endless storm cycles, when other resorts shut their parks down completely, Heavenly’s TPC had at least one, if not two, parks open at all times, even if that meant shaping them on a powder day!

What all their hard work amounts to is an incredible Spring day of park laps! I love taking a few groomed runs in the morning to warm up and then spending the rest of the day flying through the air or pressing out features in our awesome parks!  There’s an amazing vibe that stirs when everyone around you is geared toward progression.

You definitely want to school yourself in the Smart Style terrain park code before hitting the park, and if you don’t plan to hit features, you should probably avoid the park all together for the safety of the other riders. But otherwise, get out there and enjoy what Heavenly’s parks have to offer!

Terrain Parks Spring Update from Heavenly Mountain on Vimeo.

See you in a few (Wear Sunscreen…)!!

Powder (and parks) to the People,

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter



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