From Snowboarder, to Skier, to Ski-Biker Chick!

It’s springtime and, for me, that means my family starts to come up and enjoy the fair weather. 

My younger cousins have short attention spans, so I’ve been trying to think of ways to throw some variety into their visit. Then it dawned on me: Ski Bikes!

I had never been on a ski bike in my life, though I’ve often toyed with the idea… they just look so fun! So, I enlisted a couple of friends, Bob and Lizzie, to help me do some ‘research’ to see if ski bikes would be a good activity to do with the teenagers.

The short answer is ‘Absolutely Yes!’


Oh, what fun we had! We started our adventure by visiting the Adventure Peak activity shack at the top of the Gondola. After signing a liability release, we headed over to pick out our bikes. It was that simple!


Jason at Adventure Peak was our guide for the experience. He handed us each a bike and took us over to the mouth of the enclosed tubing lift carpet. There he gave us a brief introduction about how to start, stop, and steer.  Next thing I knew, we were on our way up!

SANY0064   SANY0071

As we exited the lift to the left, I found myself trying to find pedals out of habit, but to no avail! Only a platform to rest my tootsies on, if so desired.

In no time we were all pros! To turn left, lean left, put foot out left. To turn right, do the opposite. To stop, turn or dig your heels in. “What’s next?!” we all wanted to know. A silly grin crept across Jason’s face.


“Time to ride on Big Easy!” We all looked at each other, puzzled. How in heaven’s name were we going to manage our contraptions on an actual chair lift? We followed, intrigued and a little nervous.


Let’s just say that the easy part to ski bikes is the actual biking. The challenge is the chair lift!

IMG_20110314_135259  IMG_20110314_135751

But that’s why we’re here, we like challenges! So, we rose to it, lined up, held our bikes and attached them to the safety bar as shown. And what do you know? We made it! And we celebrated by shredding Easy Street!

At the end of our lesson, Jason waved us off with another silly smile as we set out on our way to play on our own.

Ski bikes are fun! Research complete! The cousins are going to love this….

Powder to the People,

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter



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