Joanna Dzierzawski Shreds in Groove Park

Heavenly’s only female High Roller Team member, Joanna Dzierzawski, started the season with an injury, but came back stronger than ever and with a renewed passion for snowboarding!

When I asked her what it’s like to hold her own as one of the few women in the terrain park scene, she told me that it’s not about whether you’re a girl or guy, it’s about simply being a rider and loving it. She checks in below with an awesome edit from Groove Park.

Hi Everyone,

Hope everybody enjoyed all the amazing powder that fell in Tahoe this season! It was absolutely epic and bottomless!

This season I experienced my first serious injury, after 8 years of competitive snowboarding. But after a quick one-month recovery I was back riding! I don’t think there is much that can stop me from getting out on the slopes… I absolutely love the feeling of being on my board – park or pow! Not to mention, I think the injury helped me focus on being healthy and keeping my body strong, so I’m ready for whatever the sport might bring!

Shortly after getting back on the mountain, I spent a day playing/filming in Heavenly’s Groove Park. We put together a “Mini Shred” video! Check it out!  I’m super stoked that most of the riding is actually switch!

As much as I enjoyed the pow, I’m loving getting some spring riding in and hope to get a few more clips in some of the bigger parks!

Enjoy the sunny, beautiful spring days!


Joanna “Pnut” Dzierzawski – Heavenly Mini Shred from Rafal Bogowolski on Vimeo.



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