The Epic Burger and Beyond: A Burger Bar Experience!

I was mighty hungry from morning powder runs last week and though the Epic Burger is sheer bliss, I just wasn’t convinced that it would satisfy my creeping hunger.

1 Burger Bar 029

Like a mirage in the desert, Sky Deck appeared, as I finished up some downy-soft runs in the Ski Ways Glades.  I had no idea what treasures I would find on that unassuming deck!

But, lo and behold, The Extreme Burger Bar gleamed at me from across the grating, teasing me with its aromas and taunting me with activity around the grill. I stumbled toward it, arms outstretched, mouth watering.

2 Burger Bar 029 3 Burger Bar 025

Edgard, the grill man, took one look at my face and pointed to the sign above my head.

Lamb? Buffalo? Elk? Salmon? In burger format? Intriguing.

4 Burger Bar 040

“I’ll have one of each!” I exclaimed in a moment of hungry hysteria.

5 Burger Bar 012 6 Burger Bar 058 7 Burger Bar 068 8 Burger Bar 074

And so, Edgard set about building the most massive, beautiful burgers I’d ever laid eyes on; burgers doused in sauces and layered with yummy fixin’s.

10 Burger Bar 091 9 Burger Bar 085 11 Burger Bar 095 12 Burger Bar 097

After a couple of bites into a succulent burger-de-Elk, I realized my eyes had been bigger than my stomach and decided to enlist Sean and Cas, a couple of Marines, and Patrick their civilian friend, to help me devour the smorgasbord in front of me. Good casting on my part, because Marines (and apparently civilians) are hungry guys!

13 Burger Bar 121 14 Burger Bar 117

We ate and ate until we could eat no more! And then we cast our votes…

15 Burger Bar 081

First place wasn’t a burger at all, but a chutney! Our burger-of-Turkey had a decadent Mango Chutney glaze that we would have put on all the burgers, had we known the flavor!

16 Burger Bar 093 17 Burger Bar 119 18 Burger Bar 101

A fish-lover at heart, I was partial to the Salmon Burger. It reminded me of the Salmon patties my mom used to make me for dinner. Sean was an Elk man all the way, and Cas wouldn’t share the Buffalo. Patrick licked up every last bit of the Lamb burger and called it a day!

19 Burger Bar 128

Fueled, ready and armed with some new friends, it was time for some runs through Pinnacles!

Thank you Sky Deck Extreme Burger Bar for being there for me when my powder-legs needed you most!

Powder to the People,

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter



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