Stash Tip 3/4/11

February was one of the most epic months ever at Heavenly with nine feet of snowfall, and March has certainly not been shy either!

With another 6-8 inches of fresh powder on the ground yesterday and super cold overnight temperatures, we’ve been blessed with unbelievable mid-winter conditions.

I know my season, in general, has been filled with plenty of stash hunting and I’ve decided to be nice and share one of my secret spots with you!

What it’s called: Little Mott

Why I love it: Off the beaten path, steep and deep (and more fun that Sky Chute), this is a great place to test your skills to see if you’re ready for Mott Canyon.

How you get there: Take Canyon Chair to Ridge Run; continue down Ridge until you reach the opening of Ridge Bowl on your right. Ski the steeps of Ridge Bowl down to where the trail flattens out and look for the entrance on your right. You’ll end up coming out near the base of Canyon Express.

What it looks like:

Now that I’ve given everyone the goods, you’d better hurry up and get there!

Powder to the People,

Megan Hammitt ~Snow Reporter (and stash hunter)



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