My Experience Demo-ing a Board from the Boardinghouse

Purchasing new gear can be a daunting experience because no one wants to drop hundreds of dollars to take a piece of equipment out on the snow and discover it doesn’t work for them.

I’m in the market for some new gear and have had my eye on Magna-traction technology. Essential board component or hog wash? I wanted to know for sure before buying. I decided that trying a demo from the Boardinghouse, here in the Heavenly Village, was the best possible solution!


Demos provide an opportunity to try out a new snowboard before you buy it, kind of like a test drive in the auto world. What’s better, the price you spend on the demo (just $39 for an entire setup, including boots) can be applied toward the purchase of a board when you decide what you want to buy.

You can demo up to 3 boards toward a purchase if you’d like to try a variety of boards, or to take the same board out three times, just to make sure you like it. Do the math and when you actually make the purchase, you’ll get almost $120 off the sticker price!


The day I wanted to demo, I just popped over to the Boardinghouse and Becky got me all set up.


First, I logged into the computer and entered a few pertinent pieces of info (FYI, you must be 18 and have a credit card to insure the board with).


Next, Becky asked my boot size and fitted me for some super-fly, low-profile DC Boa boots. The dangerous part about this is I’m not currently in the market for more boots and now I want some!

After some questions about my riding style and what I’m looking to try, Becky got me set up on a GNU B-Street with Magna-traction. She encouraged me to expand my horizons and set me up with a new board size and a new stance width. Before some simple paperwork and sending me on my way, she even buffed it out with a nice fresh surface wax!

IMG_20110131_171921 IMG_20110131_171439

All of Becky’s calls were good ones! Magna-traction is great for gripping the groomers, a wider stance was a pleasant experience, and the shorter board was really maneuverable. Thanks, Becky!


Next time you’re ready to buy a new deck, I highly recommend stopping by the Boardinghouse and taking it for a spin first!

Powder to the People,

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter



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