January is Learn to Ski and Snowboard Month (LSSM), so I thought I’d kick it off with my story… 

I first touched rental board to snow in March of 2006, just before my 25th birthday. My first day consisted of me bumbling around and being dragged by chair lifts on a small hill called Mt. Baldy in the Los Angeles area.  It was a huge snow season and there was powder everywhere, though it meant nothing to me at the time except that it was soft for me to fall on! And after plenty of falling, I decided to return the next week for a proper lesson.

My lesson was not without mishaps and I certainly learned the value of sunscreen at altitude, but the passion had gripped me and I’ve never gone back. Snowboarding is the first activity I ever continued based solely on personal drive. After a season riding everything Southern California had to offer, I could no longer think of anything else as I sat at my desk.  I needed to be outside. I needed to be in the snow.

Finally in the fall of 2007, I did what I said I would NEVER do: I moved to Tahoe.  I gave up a career, friends, and a pretty awesome lifestyle, in general. But the rewards I’ve reaped, the balance I’ve achieved, and the moments I’ve experienced are worth all of it, and more!  If you have never skied or snowboarded, I can truly say, from the bottom of my heart, you are missing out. 

Take advantage of LSSM and take that first step onto the snow.  The LSSM website has ideas of how to get started.  Or there are fantastic organizations like the Heavenly Ski and Snowboard Foundation, whose passion drives them to help get kids out on the snow.

Heavenly is also offering great deals and packages to celebrate LSSM through its Ski & Ride School.

If you already ski or ride, what’s your story?

From the depths of my being: Powder to the People!

Megan Hammitt ~ Snow Reporter

(P.S. The photo is me on a snowboard for the first time ever!)



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