Tips on Carving up the Slopes on Thanksgiving

Most people think that Thanksgiving is all about football, family and eating until you make yourself sick. Here in the mountains, we know that Turkey Day means something else entirely – ripping it up funky-chicken style.

So here are a few tips to make sure you carve more than a 30-pound flightless bird this Thanksgiving:

1. Football is for the Birds
Let your buddies lay around on the couch Thursday morning – the slopes will be as open as Lakeside at 2:00am. And here’s a little tip: The Gunbarrel Grill at Lakeview Lodge has huge plasma-screen TVs where you can see the wrinkles on Terrell Owens’ forehead when he pretends to be mad after dropping another perfectly-placed fourth-down pass. Lakeview Lodge is located conveniently at the top of the Tram and the Gunbarrel Express, so you can check the scores after every run. But hey, you’re only missing the Lions. That’s no loss.

2. Mashed Potatoes are for Dinner
One of the great things about Heavenly is that you know, because we’ve got such a high elevation, coupled with awesome snowmaking and grooming, that you’re going to be able to shred to your heart’s content on light, fluffy snow that has been manicured to perfection!

3. Après Turkey
Everybody fears the Tryptophan-induced food coma that hits after you push away from your Thanksgiving feast. It ain’t no THANG but a turkey WANG! Catch a few zees and still catch Reggae Night at Cabo Wabo at 9:30. And the REAL party doesn’t start in South Lake until 11:00 or so!



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