Get in Shape for a Night on the Town

We’re preparing to fire up the snow guns on the slopes, which is a huge, flashing signal that you need to get warmed up for the season. No, I’m not talking about getting in shape for skiing and snowboarding – which, come to think of it, might also be a decent idea – I mean your Club/Party Preparedness Plan of Operations (or “C 3-P O,” as we call it). Each person should have their own C3-PO, but I’ll outline some basics tips to ensure success during your next night on the town in Tahoe:

1. Bicep Endurance and Balance
Whatever’s in your glass, make sure it gets to your lips without sloshing on the hottie next to you. Arm strength, endurance and balance are all keys, whether lifting a German bier stein at Camp Richardson’s Oktoberfest or a petit martini glass at 19 Kitchen~Bar.
Training routine: Begin in a standing position with feet firmly planted shoulder-width apart, hands on hips. Slowly reach for a heavy beverage (a flower vase filled with banana smoothie works great), lift up and out as though to toast, take a careful sip and replace on surface. Regulate breathing during lifting while softly chanting “mo-ji-to.” Repeat 10 reps with dominant hand and 10 reps with non-dominant hand (as a back up).

2. Dance Floor Stamina
Get the “Dance Dance Revolution” (DDR) [known as Dancing Stage to our friends across the pond] video game and dance pad for your Xbox. Do not attempt to train in an arcade, as you will need to dance without rest (except for hourly Bicep Training, see above) in three hour increments and the cost in quarters will be prohibitively expensive. Treat blisters with band aids and resume dancing.

3. Sleep Deprivation
Few places can match the nightlife excitement of Tahoe’s South Shore, but therein lies the pre-season challenge! If you can stay awake all night in your boring home/apartment/small town, you’ll have no trouble when you encounter Tahoe’s nightclubs, 100+ bars and restaurants, headliner shows, comedy acts, seven casinos, nighttime terrain park, etc, etc, etc. Always practice sleep deprivation before a day at work so your body gets used to staying awake to ski or snowboard the next day.

*Remember to always consult a physician before beginning a diet or exercise routine and never attempt an all-out, mind-blowing, freestyle, better-than-Vegas night of partying in Tahoe without the proper physical and psychological preparation.



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